Alchemy is the art of potion making across Valmasia. It can refer to ordinary potions made by common herbalists, or it can refer to the powerful potions that are created by magi and involve an alchemical stone. Most potions are complicated and even the easiest ones take several days to make due to the time spent simmering liquids and waiting for mana to infuse with the ingredients.

Stone-based Alchemy Edit

Any magi with an interest in the art can obtain an alchemists stone and attempt to create their own potions. The process is difficult however and most don't have a knack for it; not only does it require great concentration but some potions need a mastery over reflex. Stir a potion once too often before the next dosage of ingredient, and the entire thing could be ruined!

Stone-based alchemy functions identically to regular alchemy save for the subtle infusion of mana into every ingredient. The positioning of the stone differs depending on the potion made but usually it is placed on a shelf overlooking the most important ingredient. Mana is siphoned into it and the other ingredients at regular intervals, forming a kind of sympathetic bond between them. The mana must be carefully and identically distributed, another delicate process. This identical mana among the ingredients lets the ingredients truly resonate, bringing out their true potential and allowing for magical potions.

Stones vary in strength based on how easily they hold and transmute mana, while others also have unique effects. The most powerful alchemical stone has been said to be able to achieve literally anything, though this is no doubt the work of rumor-mongering. This so called 'Philosophers Stone' belongs to the greatest alchemist of the age, Annabelle Eldor.

Potion Examples by Tier Edit

There are literally thousands of potions that can be created, and many through different ways. Here are just some example potions for one to get an idea of what they involve.

God-Tier: Youth potions, mental wipe potions, eternal sleep potions, limit break potions, contagions (such as Styx).

Tier One: Emotion potions, cosmetic youth potions, transformation potions (temporary), regeneration potions, magi poisons.

Tier Two: Permanent cosmetic potions, lust/love potions, most advanced poisons, battle potions (temporary), improved senses potions.

Tier Three: Levitation potions, fur potions, cosmetic potions, most natural sickness cures, longevity elixirs (for non magi), hair/colour potions, common poisons, sleepiness/alertness potions.

Tier Four: Anything in tier three but with a reduced effect and duration. Typically these starting potions have no lasting effect and simply taste pleasant or unpleasant.

Notable Alchemists Edit

Annabelle Eldor

Arthonipex Mel- Deceased

Katherine Hastings

Ala Eutrice- Deceased

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