Arthor Pendragon (265AC - 304AC), the founder of the Order of Light and a legendary hero in Valmasia. Most historians regard Arthor as the strongest human since Eternia's creation.


Arthor was a tall, fair-skinned man, with blue, caring eyes. He had jaw-length brown bangs that framed both sides of his face, spiking up at the ends. Usually, he wore heavy armor and white undergarments, etched with the Order of Light's symbol.


Unlike most battle hardened warriors, Arthor was a kind and gentle man. He abolished slavery in the regions that the Order of Light controlled and empowered the poor through financial support and combat training. He believed that every man and woman had their worth and sought to help them realize it.



Arthor specialized in a high tier form of light magic that allowed him to cast barriers. These barriers would entrap his targets in a field of light, that they wouldn't be able to leave until Arthor was defeated or allowed them to. The size of the barriers could engulf entire villages.


Before Kraus left the humans to their own devices after the Divine War, he bestowed Excalibur upon a young Arthor, predicting that the boy would grow up and do great good in his time. With Excalibur, Arthor was able to use light magic, the first of its kind, and spread his teachings onto others.


Arthor could empower objects, and even people, with his powerful magic. It was said that his enchantment was so strong, that he could bestow upon an ordinary child enough strength to defeat a trained knight.

Magical PowerEdit

His magical power was so great, that when fully released, it could overwhelm the senses of those adept with magic and stun them. Only experienced warriors were able to go up against Arthor. Entire armies were frozen by his aura alone.

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