Auroralie is the weapon known to symbolize, when worn by a Drakanite; as the crown of the Clan Tsuchi. Whoever wields the blade is usually the head of the ancient Drakanite Family.

Wielders Edit

Setsuka Tsuchi

Sezuna Tsuchi

Xerxes Tsuchi

Elesis Tsuchi

Sinh Mourn


Sephoria Tsuchi-Scarlett

Sereza Tsuchi

Aeschylus "Aranea" Eldor

Rhymora Haruke

Quinton Hirano

Eredis Hirano - [ Current ]

Physical and Magical Properties Edit

Auroralie is extremely hot to the touch, even Drakanites who are Masters of Fire magic can sometimes have a hard time holding the blade for long. Often times the sword-arm of the wielder will have burn scars along their fingers and palm until they have mastered the weapon's heat. The heat comes from the Soul-Gem of Auroralie Vonderschwank that is locked close to the blade's guard, giving the weapon most of it's strength.

The Weapon in a way, is living. With Auroralie's soul bound to the weapon, The weapon can choose whether or not it wants to switch wielders, and adjust it's heat to be more comforting or irritating depending on it's prefence of wielder. The soul gem is able to 'communicate' to it's user by sending out emotional signals, able to motivate and calm them when the time is right.

Auroralie is capable of if not bound to a current wielder, of transfering itself to a Drakanite with strong ambition and either powerful fire or energy magic. While it usually has a bias toward the Tsuchi family, if none are fitting to wield the weapon, it will allow itself to enter the hands of another Drakanite.

The true wielders of Auroralie will have a blue flame tattoo-like scar on their sword hand upon first grabbing the sword. This marks them as either a previous or current wielder of the weapon, and having bond with the weapon. So long as you have this marking, you can call Auroralie back to your hands even if it is knocked a short range out of them.

Stats (In-game) Edit

-5 Vitality, +140 Melee, +6CoolDown +16 Force +3 Fire Power, Scorch Attack gem, Bleeding Effect and fire element

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