New Alteros is a scholar town-turned-fortress, with a storied history deeply involved in magical research. However after its destruction at the hands of Kokb'ael it become more of a military station against the Bygonegrove yokai. Formerly known as Byson, but after its conquest by Ryan Kryos in 953 AC it was renamed to New Alteros.

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Situated south of the Citadel it has always had a defensive outlook. The city itself is situated on an "island" connected by a short bridge to the north and the Shaky Bridge to the south with Tilandre. The climate is temperate and not too dissimilar from Danarium's.

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Albert Heines Edit

The founder of Hellstrom magic, and the first Valmasian to discover the principles of Combination Magic.

Eurus Avharain Edit

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