The standard three.

In Valmasia, the currency used is known as crowns. A crown is a small coin that comes in one of three categories: gold, silver, and bronze. While the markings on the coin vary from type, the value remains consistent to the category it is in.

Usually, types of coins are embroidered with images that scale to the worth, with Angels and legendary heroes engraved into gold ones. It isn't just restricted to people, with landmarks also being engraved into coins.

Living CostsEdit

The average income of a nobleman is 3'000'000 crowns per year. Living costs per person in Valmasia is around 300'000, with the typical peasant able to support no more than a small family if they're the sole worker. Typically, an experienced Knight of a village militia, or an employed Magi, earn a wage close to a nobleman's standard, due to how consistent danger is in Valmasia and the great need for warriors.

Coin EngravingsEdit

While all three types of coins can be used, they do vary in their markings. The following villages tend to be have a concentration of coins with specific engravings:


Distrubited equally among the villages:

Gold: Kraus Eternia, Arthor Pendragon, Lysterg Amori, Asariel Melym.

Silver: Lancelot, Hercules, Achilles, Atalanta, Aleksander, Hobbes, Orina, Setsuka, Nylessa, Lotus, Ulfred Nerian.

Bronze: Dozens of minor heroes and scholars throughout the ages.


Many coins have become extremely valuable despite the distate towards the person engraved--typically a villain. These coins survived being melted down and few of them remain.

Gold: Azrael, Ro'tro, Eline Sakete, Niktohal Quinn.

Silver: Tristan, Simon Neilstrum, Keira / Lust.


Gold: Seraphiel Melym I, Asariel Melym, Uriel Melym. Phoenix Academy.

Silver: Meliudas Eques, Ulfred Nerian.


Gold: Ryujin, Nehir Alakkan, Xerxes Ironclad, Arentius Thorne, Jetniss Ravehart.


Gold: Biorr, Konaa Hirano

Silver: George Hastings


Gold: Eurus Avharain. The Grand Library.

Wanderer's ValleyEdit

Gold: Alpheral