Danarium is the cultural capital of Valmasia, and was once the actual capital back during the Reformation Era and the Golden Age. It remains a powerful center of both humanity and trade, holding the most wealth and military might of any of the continent's nations. It is also the religious heart of the Order of Kraus, though recently worship of the Sacred Gods has grown popular under the current rulers.

Currently ruled by Queen Daphne Rosengard.

Population Edit

Primarily human, though several ookami and drakanites call the city home. Oscuri are rare, owning towards the genocidal policies enacted by several Danarium rulers against them, but not an entirely impossible sight.

People here are some of the most relaxed out of anywhere in Valmasia, owning to the fact that it is the second least war-ravaged city.

Due to long standing history, many people take a dim view of those on the other side of the Black Gate; viewing easterners as frequently misguided fools who fall too easily into heresy and yokai worship.

History Edit

Land Edit

It is situated south of Frostvale and north of the Sarab Desert, on the ocean. A temperate land with many forests — most notably Wychwood, it has never lacked for lumber or game. The woods around it are regularly patrolled, keeping the yokai population manageable; given the example set by the Bygonegrove few are willing to let the demon population grow out of control to that level.

To the east is the peninsula holding Phoenix Academy.

Notable People Edit

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