This is an OOC reference for players to show what stat de-buffs are applied for injuries.

A successful limb nerf restoration will return 100% of the stats. We look for creativity in applications, so don't be afraid to develop a magical technique to replace your hand, or train to see without your eyes if you've lost them.

Age Nerfs Edit

Mechanically integrated. Each year past 50 causes you to take 1.00% more damage from all attacks, up to age 80. Each year below 15 causes you to take 10% more damage from all attacks.

Limb Loss Edit

The loss of a body part is always a tragic event. However you will be gifted with nerfs as a consolation prize.

Arm Edit

  • - 10 Vitality
  • Loss of Both: -40 Vitality

Hand Edit

  • - 5 Vitality
  • Loss of Both: - 15 Vitality

Feet Edit

  • - 5 Vitality
  • Loss of Both: - 20 Vitality

Leg Edit

  • - 10 Vitality
  • Loss of Both: - 40 Vitality

Other Edit

Eye Edit

  • - 25% Critical

Both Eyes Edit

  • - 50% Critical
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