Divine Magic, often called the Magic of the Angels, is the most complicated and rare form of Magic that exists. It has often been associated with Holy Magic and benevolence throughout history but does not actually have a good or evil bias.

True to its name, the Divine Arts have only proven to able to be used by Angels. The only human who has demonstrated the ability to use the magic was the first High King of Valmasia, Lysterg Amori. The magic is said to allow the caster to see through the scaffolding of the universe of Eternia, and be able to use their very soul to manipulate and modify their environment on a level that transcends all physical possibilities.


Divine Magic is revered often as a forbidden magic. Unlike regular mana-fueled arcana, Divine Magic is directly fueled by the caster's Soul. Because humans are incapable of regenerating their soul like Angels are, use of Divine Magic is likely to result in the caster's death. It is very possible to destroy one's soul by attempting to use Divine Magic.

In various recorded encounters with Angels, it has been noted that Divine Magic does not release any Mana or magical signatures. This is entirely because Divine Magic is the only magic in the world that does not rely on mana.


No known methods of casting full divine magic exist in any written records. It is rumored that High King Lysterg Amori was in possession of a very rare artifact that allowed him to cast divine magic without destroying his soul.

There exists a lesser form of divine magic that can be used without permanently damaging one's soul, although it is almost as difficult to cast as normal divine magic. Even this highly watered-down magic will completely deplete the caster's mana, and harm the user's soul if overused. As result of being a replica of divine magic, it can only modify and warp basic spatial and physical handles of environs and objects. Complex spiritual and arcane operations cannot be performed with replicated divine magic. There have existed no confirmed reports of this magic being cast, however; it requires an enormous understanding of the world and an almost impossible bounty of intelligence to handle the overwhelming magic.

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