The army of Frostvale.

Adains and Jains:

(copied from the official guild info)

Generation I -- (721 - current)

Adain: Vera Crosswell; Adain of the Draco Nivis Venificus

Shina Ishi; Adain of the Draco Nivis Vigoratus

Gene Caitiff; Adain of the Draco Nivis Servatus and not current Regent of Frostvale

Stena Roland; Adain of the Draco Eques division.

Helena Scarlett; Adain of the Draco Nivis as a whole.
-- Jains:
(722 - 735) Erin De'Vere; 'twas the best an Adain could ask for -- loyalty exceeding expectations.

(722 - 735) Kyrra Mornedhel; She took care of the Nivis like a mother, but lost her cause in the end, due to the mistakes of the Adain...

(735 - 740) Aiella; a young, aspiring Nivis Soldier who shot up to the rank of Jain due to trust -- which Marius saw absent in many of the others -- thus he took this gamble and is now currently nurturing the youth into one that can stand by his side in both peril and success.

(739 - 746) Aslan Godric : A young lad of the Nivis, saw trust worthy to Marius ,recruited at a young age by Erin an Kyrra. His hard work for the years have indeed paid off. After fulfilling his dream to be the successor of Erin an Kyrra, he had also obtained the titled The True Adain because of his efforts an will..He left the Nivis eventually on his own terms .

(747-755) Cynthia Thorne: A foolish Queen blinded by her own selfish desire. Her reign was short and disastrous.

(755-756) Jetniss Ravehart : A temporary Adain, soon leaving the rank to take the place of King. Died as the Secon Chosen of Ryujin, Hero to Frostvale for all time. NOT ANYMORE

(766-770) Valian Narifune: A senior officer of the Draco Nivis. Has been retired due to sickness.

(798 - Current) Raphael Attano: He's a pretty swell guy, and the current king of Frostvale.

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