Earth magic is the generation, and manipulation of earth, that consisting of rock, and soil. Earth magic is quite a useful all-around magic, whether in combat or not earth magic will find itself with many uses. It is quite useful for building in particular, and in some cases has made smithing easier by being able to create disposable rock moulds with relative ease.

Symbolic Characteristics

Earth is incorrigible, a mountain that refuses to move. Stubbornness is perhaps the easiest relatable trait, whether through one's inability to agree in a simple argument to change their views -- or to the more extreme side of simply not being able to just give in when they're beaten down. Earth Magi share in their ability to keep on getting up and moving on as fire Magi do. Naturally, earth users will find themselves with a hardened sense of willpower, and may also find themselves easily sticking to order, as their foundations are not so easily shaken.

Key Notes

  • Being that it symbolizes the immovable earth, those using this magic may more often than not find themselves simply unable to falter. Whether in combat, or debate.
  • Like many other forms of magic, those using this element can create their element in an absence of a body -- that being, soil or rock.
  • The most adept users of this school will find themselves able to shake the foundations of any wall, split the earth, easily able to build houses or shelter, or erect defences with ease. It is a very useful skill. Unlike other schools of magic, changes made with earth will remain even after mana flow has stopped! Anything created remains permanently until removed or eroded.
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