Energy Magic, as its name entails, is the heightened control of one's soul generated purest form of energy, otherwise known as their mana. Magi specialised in this field of magic are capable of conjuring large quantities of their mana to be utilised as a defensive force, such as an energy shield formed around oneself, a passive force, such as a shroud of energy that empowers their body, or an offensive force, such as a lethal blast of energy.

Key Notes Edit

  • Energy Magic is simply a higher quality and quantity casting of one's mana in its purest form, requiring above average understanding towards their mana circuits, as well as command over their mana. Because of such nature, Cognitive Magic is best suited, the most common method, the most effective, and perhaps one of the only ways to cast such magic.
  • An exception of the above would be for the Oscuri. Utilising their utmost faith, devotion to the fallen angel Azrael, they are able to cast Energy Magic through the use of Symbolic Magic casting, associating their emotions in such casting with violence, a byproduct of their altered mana.
  • Through basic understanding of Energy Magic and a strong connection of one's ancestors, a Magi of such art may potentially develop Ancestral Wrath given sufficient development.
  • If infused with one's Earth Magic, it may lead to Metal Magic, given sufficient development.
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