A fire magi in the midst of a scorch spell.


Fire magic is the production, and control of magical flames; or of fire that already exists within the vicinity of the Magi.

Symbolic CharacteristicsEdit

Fire is renown as being a symbol of ambition. It represents in magic, the energy that one has to drive themselves forward towards a goal; their rage, determination and very will to 'burn' acts as the emotional fuel in symbolic casting to create intense flames. It is common of fire users to be somewhat prideful due to the associated emotions, though not always.

Key NotesEdit

  • Symbolizes and encourages bold ambition -- those that find it difficult to give up are often natural fire users. Using fire magic will instil person with this emotion to a certain extent, varying from person to person.
  • Fire magic does not make someone immune to heat. If they touch a heated object, their skin will still burn, for example. This is what makes fire magic very dangerous unless the user has a keen sense of control.
  • Able to direct heat and fire itself. If a fire magi covers the ground in flames they will move the flames away from where they stand, directing both the heated air and the fire.
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