"Hard as the Earth, and just as strong."



The Fomorian fighting style is mostly  a hand to hand style, focusing on large, heavy attacks, and a core defense. Easily outsped by the likes of the Ifrit Style but its endurant nature often allows a capable user to outlast and tire out their opponent.

Origin Edit

The origin of the Fomorian style is of debate. Though many historians date it back to around 300AC, making it a more recent style.

It is theorized to be of Cyclops Origin, as the hulking titans would use their fists in pit fights, or in drunken brawls. Slowly they began to develop a more refined style, and created subsections of different techniques, eventually branching into entirely different clans- and documenting their progress. Duratus Knights who had seen the Cyclops would begin to spread the culture of Fomorian, often leading to a confusion of if the Cyclops learned it from the Duratus, or the other way around.

Key Traits Edit

  • There are a miriad of subsections of Fomorian, from the famed Iron Thorn, to the seemingly dissapeared clan of the Black Earth.
  • All Fomorian fighters use their fists. In theory the basic principles of the style can be adapted to other weapons, and often is, but most masters find great boon in the use of bare hands, shielded by protective gauntlets.
  • Fomorian fighters use Earth Magic to assist in their attacks, often using the Earth as if it were an extension of their own body.
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