God was the creator of the Archangel known as Kraus, as well as every other Angel

Information Edit

God was a cruel creature, he created the world of Atmos for entertainment, placing the good Angels and the evil Akuma into a bloody and terrifying war purely so he could see the result and decide which was better, good or evil.

He was known to have had little care for his creations, only desiring to see the result and seeming to enjoy the display, much to the horror of his archangels. The decision Kraus made to flee to another world with three hundred angels enraged god, but he reacted to late to stop it, and so he lost three hundred of his creations, and one of his powerful archangels.

What befell God after Atmos was sealed off from Eternia is currently unknown.

Powers Edit

Gods powers were unmatched, he was able to create a world and all life on it simply for his own entertainment.

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