Vindicator Kirinai Selena wielding the mighty Godslayer.

Godslayer is a legendary Oscuri Weapon crafted during the Divine War. It is made of pure Arcanium, a massive, brutish weapon that's size only matches it's immense weight of three hundred pounds. By controlling the Reika of Godslayer, it's wielder becomes a nearly unstoppable entity of raw force. It has become symbolic of the race's physical prowess and mastery of combat, as even swinging the weapon is a daunting task.


Godslayer was created during the Divine War for one purpose - Obliterating Angels. After having gathered as much Arcanium as they could find, an unknown Oscuri Warrior had a master blacksmith mold the broken fragments of the metal together. It took almost the entirety of the year to forge the blade, the immense weapon not even able to be lifted by the blacksmith during the process. As such, it's form is very uncouth, hardly resembling a sword, so much as a massive, jagged piece of metal.

Godslayer earned it's name under combat, defeating the Fallen Angel Morrighan, whom opposed both Azrael and Kraus, and had declared herself a Goddess of the mortal realm. It is said that it is only because Morrighan underestimated both the power of the Oscuri and the power of Godslayer itself that she was able to be defeated. However, the wielder of the mighty weapon succumbed to their wounds after the battle, and both they and Godslayer were lost to history.

It was seven hundred years later that the weapon re-emerged, discovered by the rogue Oscuri Kirinai Selena, whom then used it to assert herself as a Vindicator within Alteros. Upon her death at the hands of King Eurus Ahvarain, Godslayer began a mass exchanging of hands, but still retains it's great power, and any Oscuri whom wields it in battle is a force to be reckoned with.

Currently, Godslayer is known to be in possession of Arariel Kyros.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

To many, Godslayer is a useless lump of metal too heavy to be wielded. To some, it is simply a sword. To the Oscuri, it is a weapon they can channel Reika through. To the few masters of Reika amongst the Oscuri? To them, it becomes the true legendary weapon that it is. (Energy Oscuri)

Symbiosis - Godslayer seems to have it's own consciousness, communicating and bonding with it's owner once they have achieved mastery of Reika. It speaks strictly through 'feeling', no definite words possible.

Reika Barrage - Much like the ability that Oscuri have to unleash a barrage of Reika from their fists, Godslayer is able to siege enemies with powerful shockwaves of Reika.

Summoning - Through their link, the wielder of Godslayer can call the blade to their hand if it is near, preventing them from being easily disarmed.

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