A guild is an organization comprised of warriors, Magi and non-magical alike. Usually operating under its own code of conduct, outside of village jurisdiction and perimeters, a guild is considered a separate entity of sorts.


Guilds typically enlist highly skilled warriors, offering them work in exchange for a cut in their earnings. In addition to this, guild members are typically united under a particular goal, or a sense of brotherhood.

Operations include:

  • Mercenary work. Outsourcing talent to villages in need of warriors.
  • Escorting and guarding high paying individuals.
  • Investigation; acting as private detectors.
  • Bounty hunting.
  • Monster hunting, including investigation of strange, supernatural events, that could prove troublesome for the person paying.
  • Personal goals of the guild. A guild is usually involved with such a thing in mind, to be able to attract powerful Magi to their cause. Umbra Mortem, for example, desired control over Valmasia.
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