Holy Magic Aura

A magi using a Holy Magic aura

Holy Magic or Light magic as it is sometimes called is a staple school of magic seen among Magi.

Symbolic CharacteristicsEdit

Holy magic is typically linked to Hope and Protection. Those wishing to further those aims have an easier time casting such magic. Magi typically are noted to have the disposition of healers and not fighters. More ofthen than not, they use the magic to protect an ideal, an object, or a person. 


Holy magic was first introduced to Valmasia by Arthor Pendragon who learned it from Kraus, through the blade of Excalibur. Arthur later taught many of his Knights of the Round Table, who eventually formed the basis of the Order of Light. The teachings have spread throughout Valmasia since its introduction.

Key NotesEdit

  • Holy Magic is one of the most common forms of Healing Magic. While it is not the best at healing it helps sooth pain which is sometimes even more valuable on a battlefield.
  • Holy Magic has the distinction of being able to choose who is harmed by its spells. Filling a room with holy magic can be used to only hurt who you wish to and leave your surroundings untouched.
  • Holy magic reacts badly with Darkness Magic as they are two polar opposites. A holy magic user is unable to learn dark magic and visa versa. Typically a holy magic user will feel uncomfortable around Magi with darkness magic at the very least.
  • Holy users are not immune to depravity and they can certainly commit evil acts and are prone to the various vices, as is any other Magi. Typically, though, holy users have good intentions due to the emotions that their magic encourages.
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