Ice Mage

An Ice mage summoning a field of icicles

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Ice magic is the generation of ice and usually applies to manipulating freezing temperatures as well. Magi able to make use of the ice element are capable of impeding enemy movements, causing harm, and inflict painful conditions by means of icicles, frostbite, patches of ice, and such other means.

 Symbolic CharacteristicsEdit

Ice is a generally passive-neutral element. Outwardly, ice is cold and distant, not involved in anything except being the snow on the ground and the chill in the air. However, this uncaring attitude applies just as easily to blizzards raging with no respect to who or what is trapped within. Thus, Ice magi tend to view the world around them in a distant manner until it makes contact. The ascribed traits are being collected and calm. Neutrality to bias for or against is also a logical outcome.

 Key NotesEdit

  • Ice is one of the most uncaring elements, and those who wield it tend to be a little aloof as well.

  • Users have the ability to summon icicles and frost. With enough practice behind it, these summons are cold enough to cause frostbite. Some may even be capable of directly freezing oppoments, if their skill is great enough.

  • Like many other magic forms, Ice magi may create and manipulate their element without the use of a body to draw from.

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