Ifrit form

Uriel Melym was renowned for his talent using the Ifrit Form.

"It's the most deadly style you'll ever wield. Not only for your opponent, but yourself as well."
―Radolph Nevin
ATK: 4 DEF: 2 Speed: 5 Mana Efficiency: 1 Technique: 4

The Ifrit Form is a fighting style that focuses on fast-paced, powerful combinations, to keep the target at bay. While it is remarkably powerful in the right hands, masters of the form often favor a swift duel due to how much magical power the style consumes.


The style was named after a great imperfect Yokai, a beast that was said to have slept in a volcano off the shore of Valmasia. Ifrit's spree of terror lasted for roughly fifteen years (120AC - 135AC), and after two villages had been scorched by his flames, the hero Letholdus was able to defeat the creature with the help of his men. Letholdus was inspired by Ifrit's power and founded the sword style in honor of the fallen Yokai, who had proven himself a worthy opponent despite great evil.

Key TraitsEdit

  • Practicioners often made use of acrobatics mid-combat for both offense and defense, such as striking while leaping and summersaults. Masters combined this with expert senses, able to attack at any angle while moving through the air and spinning. A talented Ifrit user essentially appears as a blur to the average warrior.
  • The amount of moves and maeuvers the Ifrit style has documented outnumbers all of the other popular styles. This makes it especially difficult to attain usefulness in, but the number of strikes is to keep the pattern of attack unpredictable.
  • Due to focusing on wide sweeps and big attacks, this form is at a disadvantage in enclosed areas. An Ifrit user prefers open ground so that they can make use of their agility.
  • While it's especially effective against a single opponent since they are given little time to react, multiple opponents can focus on the style's openings while the person is on the offense. Its all-in mode of combat leaves for little balance between attack and defense.
  • Since its superhuman movements are supplemented by magical power, to truly immerse one self in the ferocity of the form, practicioners train themselves to enter a specific state of mind. Users focus on their fury and the heat of battle, pushing their physical limits with each graceful strike that moves into the next. Many view it as unconnected and sacrificial, but true masters are able to make out a complex flow of attack. As such, the style naturally favors fire Magi, with wind coming as a close second. 
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