"'If at first it don' fall over, 'it it 'arder!"

Kaida Blackburn, the Frost Wyrm. A pureblood Drakanite with breathe of frost instead of fire. Famous for her ascension into the elemental ice full-shift, the second of the Drakanite race to be blessed with a non-fire full-shift after Jackson Von Samson. Despite her fame she was also infamous for desertion and rebellion within the Nivis and during the days of the Hirano Empire.

Personality Edit

Due to her families upbringing and affinity for ice magic, Kaida could be both strict and lax depending on whether or not the Nivis and service for Frostvale was involved. Like most Drakanites she had a bad temper that could be easily set off.

Off-duty she was childish, a strong sense of crude and lewd humourThe Drakan was a family woman first and then country, family almost always trumping her service to Frostvale. Despite her love for family, Kaida had a contempt, almost hateful relationship to children thanks to the original Gorgwain twins.that slowly melted away in her final few years.

On-Duty, Kaida was a different woman. Focused, cold and in the presence of an opponent, she could be downright cruel and sadistic. She was highly defensive of Frostvale and herself that near the end of her life she constantly carried up to 4 swords on her person even when she was in her downtime periods.

History Edit

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