A Kaor Blade is a weapon that is commonly created and wielded by an Imperfect Yokai.


The Kaor Blade of Kokb'ael

Though the term itself implies the weapon being a sword, it has not always been the case - just the most common. Kaor Blades are typically very dangerous and powerful weapons, often praised for their great power but feared for their affect on the wielder's soul. The weapons deliver corruption and darkness only surpassed by Durendal to those foolish enough to use them in battle.

Kaor Blades are made of an almost indestructible material and can be dissolved and recreated by the parent Yokai at will. They can be destroyed by purging the sword with raw mana energy, but the process is usually very dangerous and results in a massive eruption of occult power only witnessed once before by the hands of Maurice Reise.


The first known Kaor Blade was constructed by Ifrit in the year 121 AC during the peak of his power. It manifested as a flaming sword said to burn as bright as the sun, and as dark as Azrael himself. Since then, there have been a handful of other blades constructed by very powerful Yokai, most of which have been lost forever.

Noteable Kaor Blades created in recent times are the blades of the abominations Kurosuni and Legion; the scourge twins created by Seraphiel Melym I as weapons of terror. Their blades were, by comparison, inferior to most Yokai's, but their reign of terror and death are the reason why Kaor Blades are feared icons in Valmasia this day. The duo's weapons have since been depowered, but are still considered very powerful weapons.

The Imperfect Yokai Kokb'ael Kzer-Za was responsible for the creation of the most recent Kaor Blade. It is allegedly the strongest of the Kaor Blades and rumored to be as strong as Dawnbringer and Durendal. After the Yokai was slain for the final time, his sword was locked underneath Byson's Vault, but has since gone missing.


A Kaor Blade is more than just a weapon. When a powerful Yokai wills one to existence, it inadvertedly forms a contract that binds their soul to the weapon. For as long as the weapon exists, their soul shall know no rest - if their body is lost, they shall forever be sealed into the weapon they created as an eternal prison. That is, unless outside forces unleash the spirit inside the weapon. Because of this spiritual bond, the weapon's ability is enhanced in relation to the power of the Yokai imprisoned within.

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