A mysterious title dating back to the late 500's, Lady Death is as much myth as they are fact. Mystery surrounds the individual(s?), and little is known except that they were supposedly the greatest assassin in Valmasia. The position of Lady Death was supposedly given to the head of the mythic assassin organization Death's Hand. To this day, she is referenced in a common Nostvale Children's Poem, inspired to keep children off the streets at night.

Rumors Edit

  • Lady Death was born in Nostvale.
  • Lady Death was in fact, multiple individuals.
  • Lady Death was immortal.
  • Lady Death was a Vampire.
  • Lady Death always wore white.
  • Lady Death could control people's minds, erase memories, and turn invisible.
  • If a prominent individual such as a regent or king vanished suddenly, and no one was worried, Lady Death was the cause.
  • Lady Death defeated Uriel Melym, Jetniss Raveheart, and Eurus Ahvarain in combat.
  • Lady Death worked for Seraphiel Melym and was eventually betrayed by him.
  • Lady Death could kill a man without moving.
  • Only three people ever survived combat with Lady Death - Uriel, Jetniss, and Eurus. Each rose to become a great king.
  • Lady Death was responsible for the sudden alliance between Byson, Alteros, and the cause for Tilandre's withdrawal from the alliance. The remaining forces to invade Alteros supposedly waited for her influence to fade before attacking.
  • Lady Death was actually a male.
  • Lady Death was responsible for Eline Sakete's sudden suicide.
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