"Let's wager everything on this moment! For my final act, witness my full power...! Magical Arts: A Thousand Burning Suns!!"
―Ouriel Melym

An uncommon technique practiced among Magi, known otherwise as wordcasting. The Magi typically chants their designated technique name prior to its casting.


The theory is to allow for more complex commands with a few words, programmed to react to a specific sentence beforehand. The Magi will spend an extensive amount of time altering their mana and training their flow of magic to react when the words are called out. They speak them aloud because it usually entails more energy, and thus a better result. The words spoken tend to have meaning to the person and link strongly with the actual technique.

The benefits to this is that it can provide a better control over mana, and a shorter casting time. One obvious downside is that it can hint towards the caster's next move. 

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