The mana circuit is a construct of which serves as a bridge between the physical world and the soul. It is usually present within everything which has a soul associated to it, and is half-physical, half-ethereal. It is also integral for any magic to occur.


The mana circuit is pliant and flexible; it can be modified but at a high risk. It is the only medium of which allows an existence to alter a soul. Energy Magi are naturals at manipulating the mana circuit as mana can directly effect the structure of the circuit.

This mana circuit can be destroyed via a variety of methods, through physical dismantling or mana exertion. When an existence's soul loses the bridging mana circuit corresponding to its physical body, the body loses a majority of its sentience and emotions, leaving a soulless body which will likely die over the course of time, ranging from minutes to weeks.


  • Anean Conscious, a player-character Magi often experimented with the mana circuit and discovered these properties.
  • Vincent Araett, another player-character researcher, discovered that effective artificing of staffs, staves, and other magical components would require an extension of the wielder's mana circuit.
  • A fair number of fledgling Magi die if misguided due to accidental mana exertion when practicing magic.
  • Kyrra Mornndhel, a player-character Magi, also wielded a dagger which siphoned souls into itself via a mana circuit made for a specific object, an example of a non-living object possessing a mana circuit.
  • Ram Wynne, a player-character smithy turned scholar, once leading a life as a warrior wanted a blade instilled with the ferocity of his close lupine companion. He expanded on the theories by Anean Conscious as well as runewriting to create a mana circuit to house a soul inside of Ragnarok.
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