A Willows witch in her natural habitat...

The power to call upon the force of nature through magic, manipulating surrounding plantlife. This scholarly art has a wide range of uses, from gathering herbs to be used in healing remedies to conjuring plantlife that hinders the enemy. 

Symbolic CharacteristicsEdit

What defines nature is knowledge. While almost all Magi must research and study the properties of their art, none are as vast and diverse as the gift of Asena. Emotion only carries a practicioner so far, with herbalist know-how being a fundemental corner store of a master of the magic.

Key NotesEdit

  • The user connects directly with the plantlife of their choice, influencing and manipulating it, typically by accelerating its growth and evolving the base of the plant into something else. They form an empathetic bond where their mana gains direct control over the plant. While creativity is an element, what defines the manipulation of the plant's anatomy is the caster's knowledge and experience. In Valmasia, there's hundreds of vine-type plants for example, and a practicioner of nature familiar with the structure and mana of a thorned, poisonous vine would typically resort to applying those properties to the ones they're attempting to manipulate, bolstering their offensive capabilities.
  • While manifesting plantlife from nothing is possible, it's extremely taxing on mana reserves, takes more time to pull off, and the results often aren't as impressive. A nature magi usually improvises depending on what's around them, and carries seeds of the desired plant on the fly.
  • Diversity is key. A nature magi can: 1.) Conjure plants that heal them, transferring energy from the surrounding area to their body and magical circuits, 2.) Plants that send out toxic waves of spores, and 3.) Empowered vines that either protect the user by intercepting attacks or seek to strangle the target. These are only some examples.
  • When not in range of the plantlife they've created or altered the structure of, it begins to die, needing the conjurer's mana. The exception to this is when a magi only accelerates the natural growth of the subject.
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