Ninio ClanEdit

The Ninio Clan's claim to fame is from two of their more earlier members, Nylessa Ninio and Luna Ninio. Nylessa Ninio was the founder and first Scout leader of the Wanderer's Valley, where as Luna Ninio was the second Minstrel leader as well as one of the youngest Duratus Lieutenants, who's untimely death came just days before promotion to Commander. Nylessa being one of if not the most noteworthy Ookami in Valmasian history.

Roughly one hundred Ninio exist today, half of which live within the Wanderer's Valley.

Notable Ninio MembersEdit

Nylessa Ninio - Perhaps the origin of the Ninio name and it's claims to fame. A former Lunar Watch member, and probably one of the most skilled warriors of her time. Founder of the Wanderer's Valley and creator of the Scouts, Sentinels and Minstrels. The formermost which she lead personally. Nylessa was a Hellstrom user, developing several methods and techniques she passed down to others to help them learn to cope with dark magic.

Luna Ninio - Formerly Luna Striker, The adopted daughter of Nylessa. Luna Ninio was a turned Ookami at the age of ten. A peaceful and loving young girl who loved nature and loved magic, being an elementalist and wielding all five of the basic elements, with a mastery in lightning. Lieutenant of the Duratus by age 15, she died at the age of 18 soon after the birth of her son, Zakariah.

Ninio CharacteristicsEdit

Ninio are usually found in the Wanderer's Valley, Ninio on both branches have a profiency for Lightning magic. 

Luna's branch isn't known for 'adopting' the name, just seen as a mutation in the genes to many within the clan. Silvery hair and violet eyes are a dominant trait, as well as being Ookami. With Luna's branch being able to do well in any of the Elemental magics as secondaries. (Earth/wind/fire/water)

Nylessa's branch is known for being dominantly Lightning users. Having blue eyes and shades of purple in their hair. Ranging from fuchsias and pinks, to indigo and violet, however Fushsia is the more dominant shade. Nylessa's branch is Human-dominant with some Ookami members within it.