Palthus, The God of the Earth and Cyclops

Palthus is the maker of the Cyclops race. Palthus is a mountain in the form of a Cyclops in the form of a mountain. Ever shifting between those two states.

Palthus was originally a helper of Kraus. A creation by him to help maintain the earth of Eternia. Forging the mountains and lands. Sculpting and altering the land to fit the grand design of Kraus. Every time someone sees a mountain they see the work of Palthus.

Palthus realized that the work of his needed more help than he could do alone so eventually Palthus created the Cyclops race from his very flesh. Forming them from the stones of his being and breathing life into them. The Cyclops where originally made to help Palthus in his work. Careful carvers of the earth they tended to their task. The first of the Cyclops was mainly stone.

Palthus is currently sleeping somewhere in Eternia. In the form of a mountain that seems to occasionally shake. His form however extends through the earth. Sometimes when the earth is greatly harmed a black liquid bubbles to the surface. Considered to be the blood of Palthus, his worshipers gather it and mend the wound.

Small gifts appear from Palthus to his loyal worshipers. Responding to them in his dreams small objects appear from the earth. Ranging from old fossils to pieces of ore for to be forged into things that benefit his worshipers. Ranging from Weapons and Armor to basic goods.

Palthus is worshiped by the Cyclops who view him as a massive Cyclops over thirty feet tall. Minor worshipers of Palthus are other races especially those who are earth magi. As the generations go on however the stone flesh of the Cyclops degraded to regular flesh. The sleeping of Palthus degrading in influence over them. Dimming their intelligence and powers. Till eventually they became the race that is seen now. Small pockets of this once great race of builders and craftsmen of the earth roam the face of Eternia. Savage in their own way but still always children of Palthus.

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