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Despite its name, it's far more deadly than a barrier...

A great barrier that spans for several miles and consists of dangerous storms and typhoons. The barriers were put up by Kraus after the War of Divine II, to prevent the countries most devastated by war being taken advantage of and invaded. All major continents have a peace barrier around them. 

The barriers prevent major fleet movements, and consequently, communication amongst the countries. But sometimes, the barriers allow very small groups of people through, or singular individuals. The mortality rate among those who dare brave the barriers, however, is almost 100%.

Few people make it through the barrier, it is not unheard of for a fleet of ships to try and get through only for them to be wiped out, with only a few crew members surviving, Once you make it through the peace barrier, hope of going back through is mostly lost, making it through one time is a miracle, but no man would dare crossing the barrier twice.

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