Sacred Power is the term used to describe the power given by the Gods. It is magical in nature but does not originate from the caster themselves. Instead the mana is given to them and shaped by the wielder. Sacred Power and Magic cast in the Valmasian sense do not work together.

How the Gods get manaEdit

Every time a prayer is uttered to the Gods. A portion of the mana that the person has is given to the Gods. This is stored by the Gods for use later by those who cast. As a God receives prayers thousands of times a day. This adds up to an enormous amounts of Mana given to the Gods.

Sacred Power useEdit

Sacred Power is used by the casters as a refined form of mana from the Gods. It is blessed by the gods and refined into a more potent form. This however makes it dangerous to those who are not trained in the Gods ways and even then can be harmful to the wielder. If pushed or used to much. It may kill the wielder. Skin bursting and tearing is common for those trying to use to much Sacred Power at a time.

Channeling the Sacred Power is a mixture of Symbolic and cognitive magic. When you channel the Sacred Power you typically start to develop emotions tied to your Gods sphere of influence. for instance those tied to Flud become more protective.

Outside of the body the Sacred Power in its raw form is Sacred Light. Typically when one focuses on said manifestation you will feel the emotions and thoughts of the specific god it is tied to. For instance those who feel the manifestation of Gaizin are said to feel more brave, Courageous and Strong.

Sacred Energy is blueish in manifestation but has veins of Sacred Light spread throughout it.

Sacred Flame is tied to Fydon. This makes those who manifest it using their love for the world and others as a weapon. It is their love that lets them use it and manifest it. Therefore when used the manifestation will have Fydon and the casters God in question tied to it.

Sacred Water is tied to Eloel. This mean the will to change the world around them for the better is the manifestation in said magic.

Sacred Lightning and Sacred Wind is tied to Troucium. His will is manifest in it in the desire to tame the wilds. And to be wild in a sense. The aspect of being a storm and weather is tied to this type of Sacred Power use.

Users of the Sacred PowerEdit

The only users of the Sacred Power are the Priests of the Gods and the Sacred Knights, the army of the church. Occasionally the Gods will bless someone with their power but it is never for long.

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