"Human? They're something of the sort. The only difference between them and us is that they know true nature of the seven sins."
―Judeal Loki

Commonly referred to as 'Shadow Ghouls', the sinspawn are a race clouded in mystery. While little documentation is available to the public, it's been established over various events that they're direct servants of Naberius. These ghastly monsters take the form of black demons and have displayed a range of peculiar abilities, which seem to vary depending on the power of the ghoul. They're commonly mistaken for Yokai, but can be identified by the shadowy mist that seems to loom over their forms.


In 680AC, the half-angel Judeal Loki and a small force of loyalists took refuge within an abandoned deadland marsh fort that had once been ransacked by Yokai. The group named the village 'Alteros' and would go on to increase its capacity, expanding until it could house some ~1500 warriors. The bulk of the forces were made up of sinspawn, led by the seven sins-- among them a newly formed Lust-- with the group eventually posing a threat to all of Valmasia as a whole.

The sinspawn were created within Alteros, through a process where humans (mostly unwilling) were overloaded with the eseence of sin. The process mutates and transforms any survivors, stripping them of their physical form and instead providing a 'body of shadow' to house their soul in. The ritual can be compared to the elemental golems, albeit far more unstable and even less predictable. Sinspawn were typically produced in bulk, but more powerful ones could be created if given extra attention.


A typical sinspawn is a mindless creature that has little control over its powers, but the more refined ones have been known to display a range of abilities. The average sinspawn can:

  • Shapeshifting. A sinspawn can change its form at will, but when in battle it's unable to retain its mold and will return to its original shape in high adrenaline situations. An eerie mist, even when attempting to be hidden, may subconsciously fall from its form as well. 
  • Lacking a physical body, only enchanted blades and magic can harm them. This makes the sinspawn extremely effective soldiers, with even the lesser ones being completely invulnerable to anything that isn't a magi.
  • Intelligent and manipulative. A sinspawn is able to peak into the desires of those around them, being completely attuned to sin magic. They've been known to stalk nightmares and even use weak-willed humans as hosts.
  • Long-lived. Without a body to decay, it's unknown how many centuries a sinspawn can survive for. There are rumors that many from the original Alteros still lurk to this day.
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