The act of owning another intelligent creature as your own. Slavery has long since been a controversial topic within Valmasia. Each village has its own set of laws concerning the subject, some stricter then others.

Indentured Servitude Edit

This is a variant that is somewhat of a cross between a slave and a servant. A contract is set up outlining expectations of the servant for a set amount of time. There are many examples as how contracts are set up. A warrior may choose to work within a forge for a set amount of time for a blacksmith to pay for a weapon. Or a person may choose to work as a servant in order to pay off a plot of land to cultivate as their own.

Again, each village has different standards for how this works as well, some even directly outlining how contracts work.

Village Laws Edit

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Indentured Servitude is allowed with the following guidelines.

  • Indentured servants and their contracts of employment are all to be registered. All contracts are to be reviewed closely to ensure they are fair. Servants are to wear a mark of their employer, whether it be collar, bracelet, or anklet, that contains their owner's initials and family crest if one is available.
  • No permanent marks of ownerships, such as branding, are allowed.
  • Servants are to have yearly physical examinations to medically access health as well as how well they have been treated.
  • Employers are not allowed to beat servants. They must also provide housing and healthy meals. Servants cannot be forced into tasks that break the law, or into acts of sexuality without their consent.
  • Any mistreated servants become property of the crown, where they will serve out the rest of their contracts as members of the keep's staff. Payment promised by the previous owner must be supplied.
  • No one under the age of sixteen is allowed to be placed under service. Oscuri are also forbidden to be kept as servants.

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