Stinnox are scorpion like creatures native to the Sarab Desert.

Origin Edit

It is currently unknown what the Stinnox where created in order to do, the upper part of a stinnox body appears to be vaguely humanoid in appearance, leaving some to theorize that they were supposed to be more human than they turned out to be, though in truth the exact origin of the stinnox is currently unknown

Behavior Edit

Stinnox do have some form of society amongst themselves, but what little society they do have is still considered very simplistic, matching insect behavior much more than humans. Stinnox are still very much like animals when it comes to interacting with other creatures outside of there own race, reacting with violence most of the time when coming in contact with something that is not a stinnox, so despite the minimal amount of intelligence that they seem to have, it is generally accepted that they are simply monsters.

One thing that is known to make Stinnox more deadly than the average forest creature is its ability to blend into its surroundings, passing themselves off as mounds of sand and boulders until prey draws in close. Once prey is within there grasp they will then proceed to lash out, clawing at them and attempting to sting them with there poisonous stingers

Anatomy Edit

Unlike many of the other races in valmasia, the stinnox lack an interior set of bones, having an exoskeleton instead. Stinnox are much slower than most would expect the great beasts to be, despite having four legs, they are simply to heavy and lack the appropriate muscles in there legs to allow for quick movement. Each Stinnox has Skin comparable to that of stone.

Stinnox possess many eyes, with each one having the ability to see in pitch black conditions. An easy way to identify a stinnox in the dark is to keep an eye out for glowing red dots, the glowing eyes of the stinnox do well to give away where they are hidden.

Each stinnox has a powerful stinger at the end of there tails, the poison is strong enough to hurt a magi, and can easily kill a non magi in a matter of hours.

The internal Organs of Stinnox are much the same as humans, save for the enlarged heart and the poison sack that they have near the base of their tail.

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