Symbolic Magic is the most widely used style of casting in Valmasia, and is one of the most potent. It involves using one's emotion to call mana, and due to the fact that emotions have a potential to be very powerful, a Magi can call upon a large amount of magical energy from their soul because of it.


To use Symbolic Magic, there are two general steps which are coined as: Channeling, and Shaping.

Channeling involves a Magi gaining control over their mana circuit which is usually a subconcious-regulated (unconsciously controlled) function of a person's body. After gaining control, the Magi then thinks of an appropriate emotion or sentiment which corresponds to an element that they believe to be associated with that (it must be an earnest, honest association otherwise it will not work). Having done so, the soul will naturally begin to pour emotionally-enfused mana or energy into the nearest exitplace in the ethereal dimension, this being the mana circuit of which the magician opens to accept the energy.

Shaping is what a Magi does with the energy following its acquisition and coagulation within the mana circuit. It is important that a novice become familiar with this step before attempting Channeling, because if said novice completes channeling without the ability to expunge all the lethal, unstable mana beginning to fill their mana circuit, it will result in mana exertion-- ergo, a destruction of one's mana circuit-- which leads to death almost certainly.

Shaping requires a magus to first visualize and create a form of which will act as a mold for the mana to serve. Once the form has been visualized, they will it upon their soul to complete that command with the appropriate element they believe is suitable for the emotionally-infused mana to complete that command.

It is important that the element be recognized before the form is created.

Common Symbolic ElementsEdit

Fire is often associated with anger, determination, willpower, fury, and vehemence, ambition, and drive.

Water is often associated with calm, depression, melancholy, grieving, and soothing.

Wind is often associated with freedom, change, soothing, serenity, calm, and wanderlust.

Earth is often associated with order, fortitude, obstinance, adamance, and a strong will.

Lightning is often associated with whimsy, playfulness, vigor, energy.

Holy is often associated with hope and protection.

Darkness is often associated with destruction and revenge.

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