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When Anariel Melym used the divine artifact Mercy on Kzer-Za in 823 AC, a catastrophic spiritual meltdown occurred. After Anariel Melym, Kane Hirano, and the whole of Valmasia's finest mages successfully beat Kzer-Za down in Danarium, he began uttering a wicked spell of divine potency. He used his absolute mastery of mana manipulation to stitch together a powerful curse (using his own soul as fuel) that would later ravage the cities of Danarium, Nostvale, Alteros, and Byson in the form of what became known as "Genocide Machines".

The spell was interrupted, however, by Mercy's mana-neutralizing properties - and thus, the curse was left incomplete. Because it was interrupted, however, the spell backfired and the remainder of Kzer-Za's curse was redirected back to his own soul. The curse's power tore apart the Imperfect's soul into component shells, and the cataclysm's strength locked them into the Spirit Realm.

The resulting spirits are thus representations of what was once Kzer-Za's soul.

The Spirits Edit

Drall Edit

This spirit is the embodiment of Kzer-Za's wrath and cruelty. Drall takes the form of a hellish landscape of perpetual storm and torment in the Spirit Realm. Drall's realm is constantly raining blood, and is home to many tormented and hostile spirits.

Faz Edit

Faz is the representation of Kzer-Za's unending hunger. Faz takes on the form of an enormous writhing black blob that prowls the Spirit Realm, consuming and assimilating anything it touches.

Kokabiel Yuptar Edit

The representation of Kzer-Za's humanity. Kokabiel takes on the form of Kzer-Za's primary human avatar, Kokb'ael. Kokabiel is a kind and caring man in his thirties, serving as a guide to lost and confused spirits in the Spirit Realm.

Taalo Edit

Taalo is the representation of Kzer-Za's intellect and knowledge. Taalo is a keeper of knowledge, and takes the form of a pitch-black humanoid made of pure energy.

Mael-Num Edit

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