During the Dawning of Eternia, many angels decided to spread out and continue Kraus's work, working to build upon the world that there leader seemingly gave his life in order to create, Vidrio was one of these angels.

Creation of the first Sarradian Edit

Vidrio Made the choice to continue Kraus's plans by helping to Develop the world of Eternia, first she located a vast and empty Desert, the location where she would begin to create life. She first took a mountain, using its base she formed a body, and using a nearby Oasis she used the water as fuel, bringing life to her creation she named it Hajara, the first of the Sarradians. Hundreds of years passed as Hajara roamed the desert alone, fearing that her creation would be miserable, she decided to get involved. She quickly instructed Hajara to go to a nearby island populated by humans, her creation obeyed the command and Hajara returned a short time later with a human bride. Heeding the commands of Vidrio, it did not take long for Hajara and his bride to have children, three to be exact.

Later years Edit

Although she continued to watch over her creations and continued to guide them onward in life, helping them through problems that they faced while teaching them of morals, eventually she could not remain with them any longer, a problem was arising around the globe, something all angels had to get involved with, the first of the Divine wars. Before Vidrio left she granted the Sarradians with rules to follow by, to keep them morally sound.

Beyond the Divine wars Edit

After both Divine wars concluded, Vidrio and the other angels that survived had no choice but to follow the orders of Kraus and return home to Avalon, staying out of mortal affairs, but some still say that Vidrio watches over the Sarradian people, proud of how far her creations have come since the days of old.

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