A Magi casting a water beam.

Water magic focuses on producing and controlling water, since water is a requirement for nearly all living things in Eternia. It is considered a vital element in advanced healing.

Symbolic CharacteristicsEdit

Water is one of the most melancholic of elements... as acceptance after grief gives way to soothing pain -- healing wounds, understanding and intuition are also common traits. To a lesser extent, water is very malleable, and finds itself sharing in Wind's affinity for change, as water tends to flow wherever it can. Although it has the ability to be used in conjunction with grief, when there is no storm, it is calm.

Key NotesEdit

  • Those who use water magic may find themselves calmer than other Magi, except in cases where they have undergone loss, or some emotional pain -- where the Magi will then often find power in their grief alike a stormy sea.
  • Water Magi can direct water's flow, even to the point of forming arches otherwise impossible in the air with streams. Although they can raise water, it cannot remain 'still', the water must have motion in order to retain a shape, such as going in a straight line requires force -- or pressure.
  • Notably, water Magi are able to create sources of clean water by shaping their mana into it. They're able to control any body of water, although, they cannot interfere with the internal workings of another Magi unless they're either overpowered or it is by their own will.
  • Water is important in Healing Magic. Although potent, misuse or carelessness could potentially result in serious complications when tampering with another's bloodstream -- as a form of detox, it is advised only experts in the art treat the bloodstream.


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