A Magi in centre of their own hurricane.

Wind magic is the control of air, specifically airflow itself -- Magi capable of using the wind element are able to impede enemy movements or enhance their own.

Symbolic CharacteristicsEdit

There is no element which embodies freedom quite like the wind, it is prone to changing at the slightest disturbance -- travelling to far off lands, washing over and hence soothing the pains of those in the sun. Those who find their focus in wind will most likely enjoy not being tied down in one place. Despite the ever changing nature of the element, it is perhaps one of the most collected.

Key NotesEdit

  • Wind is one of the most tranquil elements, thus many of the users may find themselves having a hard time getting riled up. Disturbances may settle just as quickly as they came about.
  • Users have the ability to create galeforce winds, with enough mana behind it, these are enough to knock people away. Controlling airflow allows for swifter movements, as not only is there little to no air resistance for an adept wind user, they can even empower their attacks with additional force and speed.
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