The Zilanderz is a family, mostly rooted in Frostvale culture. The teachings of the family include strong ties to neutrality, a strong patriarchal concept of strength, and pride in their abilities.

The Zilanderz Guide To Zilanderz Edit

Durability Edit

Zilanderz are known to be more durable than the average magi considering that they use their very body and break it down during a fight. This lead to the genetic genepool rooting out weaker Zilanderz who couldn't stand on their own feet after burning their muscles. Feats that can be attributed to a Zilanderz are

  • Fighting and standing on broken limbs (Although most can only use 10% of power at this point)
  • Able to swing a blade with only a few muscle tendons

Life Energy Edit

Life energy is a type of magic that was given to the Zilanderz family, by the angel Zalman. This gave them the ability to assimilate their body into their very muscles or mana. This allowed the Zilanderz to become much more powerful than the average magi upon the usage of this power.

Mutual Destruction Edit

A technique in which a Zilanderz sacrifices they're own life in order to gain immense power for one battle. Turning they're very organs into Life energy. This in turn increases they're physical and magically prowess exponentially at the cost of death. Upon entering this state, dead is assured unless someone knocks the Zilanderz unconscious, preventing them from turning they're very heart into the ultimate form of Life energy.

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